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sulphuric acid 3 axles tanker semi trailer

Product Description

Dilute sulphuric acid 3 axles tanker semi trailer(20000 liters-45000 liters)

This tanker body is made of PE lined steel,

suitable for store and transport 37% H2SO4 liquid or H2SO4 liquid less then 90% density

98% density sulphuric acid should use carbon steel as the tank body material.

1.Tank volume: 20,000 liters-45,000 liters .


Outside: tank body is made of high quality Q235 6mm carbon steel, 6mm shell cover.

Inside: use Lozenge strengthened net, lined with 16mm PE (polyethylene), all plastic baffles are installed.

3). 2 pc plastic lined steel inlets, 2 pc plastic breather valves. At the end of the tank, Left and right of each cabin have one DN80 plactic valve.

At the front and rear of the tank, each 1 pc euro humanized ladder. Make SBS asphalt anti corrosion on the top. 

Spray gray Acid and alkali resistant paint, stick Molybdenum red reflective tape and 2 pc acid-proof pipes and 4kg fire extinguisher.



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