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What is a chemical liquid tanker truck?

What is a chemical liquid tanker truck?

Brief introduction of chemical liquid tanker truck.

What is a chemical liquid tanker truck?

chemical liquid tanker truck

In general, chemical liquid tanker trucks are the type of vehicle that we are less exposed to. The configuration requirements and safety requirements are much higher than those of ordinary transportation vehicles. Many people here will be more curious, then What is a chemical liquid tanker truck?

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Sales Manager Mr.KEANE (Mobile/WhatsApp +8613597828741)introduced that chemical liquid transport vehicles (semi-trailers) are generally carried by vehicles (second-class automobile chassis or trailer chassis), tank assembly, feeding port cover, filling and unloading system. , safety protection system, automatic insulation system (on demand), etc.

Sulfuric Acid Tanker Truck Trailer

(1) The tank assembly is mainly welded by the head, the wave-proof baffle (separator), the feeding inlets, the discharge outlets, the top walkway protective fence, the manhole and the integral support seat. The tank material can be selected from carbon steel, carbon steel lining PE(plastic), stainless steel, aluminum alloy, glass reinforced plastic, and full plastic (polyethylene). The shape of the can has an elliptical shape, a square shape, and a circular shape. Can be divided into separate or separate positions (to separate different oils, chemicals, liquid foods).

(2) The safety protection system includes auxiliary safety devices such as safety valve seat, liquid level gauge (seat) and emergency shut-off valve seat.

(3) Filling and unloading systems, including chemical liquid pumps, flow meters, intelligent control systems, etc.

(4) The paint color, nameplate, typeface and logo of the vehicle (tank) are consistent with the installed media.

At the same time, the chemical liquid tank truck is also a kind of road transport liquid dangerous goods tank type vehicle. "Road transport liquid dangerous goods tank type vehicle" means "the liquid dangerous goods transported in the tank body, and with the stereotyped vehicle chassis or semi-trailer Road transport tank vehicles with permanently connected frames; also known as liquid dangerous goods transport vehicles.

hydrochloric acid Tanker Trailer

Liquid dangerous goods (liquid dangerous goods) include: 1 chemical liquid dangerous goods; 2 non-chemical liquid dangerous goods. Chemical liquid generally refers to a liquid substance produced by changing the composition or structure of a substance by a chemical reaction, and may include a liquid substance synthesized from one chemical product and another substance; chemical liquids include industrial oil products (gasoline, lubricating oil) Etc.), food and medicine (wine, vinegar, cooking oil, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), etc.), corrosive and dangerous substances (acid, alkali, salt solution, etc.), household chemicals (perfume, disinfectant and many more. The by-product liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) obtained from the refinery's catalytic cracking and thermal cracking of crude oil can be regarded as a chemical liquid; while the natural gas purification plant purifies the natural gas produced by the gas field and produces liquefied natural gas through a series of ultra-low temperature liquefaction. (LNG) should be a non-chemical liquid. Some of the chemical liquids are[dangerous goods"

GB12268 "Dangerous Goods Name List", that is, "chemical liquid dangerous goods", such as gasoline, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc.; some are non-"dangerous goods", such as edible oil, perfume, etc. GB/T17350-2009 revoked the definition of [chemical liquid transport vehicleand subdivided it according to the class, while its previous version GB/T17350-1998 defined [chemical liquid transport vehicleas [equipped with control system and Safety facility for transporting tank cars of less than 0.IMPa pressure chemical liquids." It refers to chemical liquids that may or may not be "dangerous goods".

There are many kinds of chemical liquid tank trucks, and generally have the following classification methods.

(1) According to whether the transportation medium belongs to [dangerous goods", it can be divided into: 1 chemical liquid general goods transport vehicle (chemical liquid non-dangerous goods transport vehicle); 2 chemical liquid dangerous goods transport vehicle. Among them, the latter belongs to key management and control objects, such as: hydrochloric acid transport vehicles, sulfuric acid transport vehicles, hydrofluoric acid transport vehicles, formic acid transport vehicles, acetic acid (glacial acetic acid) transport vehicles, hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) transport vehicles, phosphoric acid transport vehicles, Ammonia transport truck, sodium hydroxide solution transporter, potassium hydroxide solution transporter, sodium hypochlorite (bleach) transporter, formaldehyde transporter, ethanol transporter, toluene transporter, xylene transporter, isopropyl alcohol transporter, two Methylamine solution transporter, naphtha (solvent oil) transporter, etc.

(2) According to GB/T17350-2009, dangerous goods liquid transport vehicles can be subdivided into flammable liquid tank transport vehicles, asphalt transport vehicles, oxidized goods tank transport vehicles, toxic goods tank transport vehicles, corrosive and infectious. Sex tanker trucks, etc.

(3) According to the type of vehicle, it can be divided into chemical liquid transport vehicles and chemical liquid transport semi-trailers.

(4) According to the tank installation method, it can be divided into conventional non-movable chemical liquid tank vehicles and container tank vehicles.

(5) According to the tank structure, it can be divided into conventional tank vehicles and insulated tank vehicles.

(6) According to the tank material, it can be divided into aluminum tank car, aluminum alloy tank car, stainless steel tank car, etc., which can be selected for different transportation media.

(7) According to the form of bearer, it can be divided into two types: bearer type and non-bearer type.

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