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How to Use Chemical Tanker Vehicles correctly?

How to Use Chemical Tanker Vehicles correctly?

How to Use Chemical Tanker Vehicles correctly?

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Friends who have been exposed to chemical Tanker vehicles know that the mediums transported by chemical Tanker vehicles are all corrosive media, so the inside of the tanks will be treated with anti-corrosion treatment. After long-term transportation, the chemical tanks should be cleaned occasionally, if the transportation is different.

COSL Iraq hydrochloric acid(HCL) Tanker Semi Trailer

For the type of media, the tank should be cleaned before each change of the medium, and then cleaned before refilling, so as to prevent the residual medium from affecting the purity of the next transport medium.

Muriatic Acid Tank Container with Trailer

At the same time, chemical vehicles are dangerous goods transport vehicles, so the tanks must be made in strict accordance with the size of the announcement, and must not be large or overloaded. In the process of transportation, the vehicle should try to avoid the unstable road, avoid the collision of the vehicle body, and affect the safety of traffic transportation.

When loading and unloading the medium, the tank inlets and the breathing valve at the top of the chemical vehicle must be opened, because the chemical pump will evacuate the air in the tank during the operation to form a vacuum. If the pressure imbalance occurs indoors and outdoors, the tank body will be deformed or even scrapped. ,The consequences could be disastrous.

DF Kingland PE Lining Chemical Tanker Truck for HCL

Chemical vehicles are typical vehicles in hazardous chemicals transport vehicles. Users must understand the precautions of the vehicle in order to maximize the value of the vehicle!

3 Axles Chlorhydric Acid Tanker Semi-Trailer

For more common knowledge of chemical vehicles, please contact with Mr.Keane the manager of the international trade department of the chemical tanker vehicles manufacturer Yuchai Dongte Special Purpose Automobile Co., Ltd.

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