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Yuchai Dongte Send 2 units Hydrochloric Acid Tank Container to West Africa

Yuchai Dongte Send 2 units Hydrochloric Acid Tank Container to West Africa

sulfuric acid tank container

Acid Tank Container is the main product of Yuchai Dongte Auto.

These acid tank containers include Hydrochloric Acid Tank Container & sulfuric acid tank container and other kinds chemical liquid tank containers.

For the material of such Hydrochloric Acid Tank Container our factory often use is PE Lining inside with carbon steel outside.The inner surface of this kind of  Hydrochloric Acid Tank Container is often protected against chemical liquid corrosion with special LLDPE(Linear low density polyethylene 7042).The outside of the Acid Tank Container is high quality carbon.

sulfuric acid tank container picture 1

Hydrochloric Acid Tank Container picture 1

sulfuric acid tank container manhole

Hydrochloric Acid Tank Container picture 2

Hydrochloric Acid Tank Container inside PE Lining

Hydrochloric Acid Tank Container picture 3

 Hydrochloric Acid Tank Container picture

Hydrochloric Acid Tank Container picture 4

Data for 20FT Hydrochloric Acid Tank Container

20FT HCL tank containerPE lined tank container

Used for transport: liquid 36% HCL.

Tank capacity: 5000 US Gallons(18,750 liters)

Dimension: 20FT 6058mm*2438mm*2900mm

Product name

20FT PE lined steel HCL tank container


ISO container suitable for road transportation

20FT dimension with container lock

Acid resistant internal PE lining(plastic)

4’’ suction line and 4’’ discharge and circulating line rolled up to the end of the tank

Magnetic flap level gauge at the end of the tank

Certified with 5 legs slings (4 legs sling with master sling)

With ladder & antic slip steps.Color is gray & farm red.

Tank material

Inside of the tanker

Tank thickness

End thickness

Tank shape

Tank structure

Overall dimension

Loading capacity

Cross weight

Empty weight

Design code

Design pressure

Vessel design temperature

Maximum product loading temperature

Hydro test pressure


High quality carbon steel Q235B

16mm PE(polyethylene),anti-corrosive



Round or ellipse according to capacity

Sealed type


5000 US Gallons  18750 liters





-20 to +50℃



Anti-corrosion painting


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